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My poem:Dear body

I would like to say thank-you to everyone who commented on my last post.

I have no been on here for a while, as I have been trying to get my head around this whole "fibromyalgia" thing.

Anyway in my quest to try and come to terms with it, I wrote this poem (my first ever poem) and now I'd like to share it with all my other fibro friends.

Enjoy and I welcome your feedback.

Poem.... Dear body letter

By G Williams 24/6/2012

Dear body,

There is something we need to discuss,

This fibro thing is causing me fuss, 

The meds I take eases it so,

But it keeps flaring up just to say 


Now heres the thing I want you to know.

I didn't want this, so could it please


I know it's a wish which will never come true,

But I thought "what the hell"

I thought I'd ask you.

See everyone's says

"girl you look alright!"

But they don't know everyday is a fight.

I smile, and I say "yea I'm fine"

And to partying, I politely decline.

I work all day teaching kids,

A job I love, so please don't take this.

I trained 3 years to get my degree, 4 including my NQT.

So if you stop me from doing this,

You truly are TAKING THE PISS!

There's things I wish I had done,

Manly, having more good fun.

See this fibro changed me into someone new, 

And for that I would like to say


Although this change has come at a high price, 

I now see things in a different light.

See life is for living,

That is so true.

And that self pity thing

I just won't do!!

This time last year I was on a high, my biggest problem was 

Something in my eye. 

Back then I was blind to so many things,

And in truth I didn't value anything.

Now I admit I was a fool!

My health I valued least of all.

I would stay up working until 2am,

Back up at 6 for work again.

Would drink until my face went blue, and throw up three times down a friends loo.

I would smoke like a chimney,

Although I must admit,

This is a bad habit which I still need to quit. 

Some days i'd eat nothing 

as I thought that was the answer. 

To gain the  holy "slimmer figure".

Would swim until my muscles burned as I had eaten no calories for my body to burn.

Although the PCOS made sure that all didn't matter,

That will be in my next letter!

I can't be self pitying

As theirs others worst off then me.

How can I judge others, 

when people wrongly judge me....

As they don't see fibro inside.

They just think I'm lazy, 

A fat cow on her behind!!

So here's my terms and conditions

For the rest of my life.

And if we stick to this 

we'll be just fine.

First of all I promise you 

That drinking alcohol, I just won't do.

no barcardi, no vodka, nothing at all.

However  the flare ups must be kept  small.


I promise I'll eat three meals a day,

Provide you keep the stomach pains at bay.

Thirdly I think we'll all agree

 that vegetarian I must be.

Although you must except that at times I may wander,

Into a kebab shop and buy a beef burger  



I request that my skin stops burning.

For this I will try and get over my yearning 

As i'll give up one of these:

Coffee, orange juice or tea.


The brain fog needs to stop!!!!

It's getting in the way of my job. 

In return i'll swim twice a week, three times if I feel i'm on a peak.

My sixth term is the shaking must stop.

In return of this, 

as I know you will request,

I'll give my body lots of rest.

Provided I quit putting wheat inside of me.

The seventh request this would be. 

In return I would simply require 

Increased energy levels for this day and after.

My eight term is simply you stop 

the IBS from making me pop.

My ninth request is at night

Once I turn out the bedroom light

That I soon sleep and go to slumber.

Not three or four hours after.

I'll know you'll want something in return so 

Provided I can get 

A good man to help me

A massage once a week it will be.

My tenth request and my final one you see.

Is That I learn and understand thee.

Yes this fibro is causing me fuss

But learn to live together we


Yours sincerely

Body owner 


3 Replies

that is a really good poem we should all write what we can and get a small fibro book published it may keep ourminds away from the fuss and [ain hugz [etal


thats a very good poem and just about sums it up. the trouble is my body does'nt listen when i try and bargin, but i keep trying. soft hugs xx


Ok well I have written another one.

Seems this is the only way I can get my head around it.

So here it is

Poem: The fibro day!!!

When I wake up in the morning

And I can't get out of bed

My head feels likes it's banging

And my bodies thinks its dead

You will always hear me saying

Although quietly

Why oh, why fibro 

Why did you pick me.

Yesturday I was ok 

I could walk along the street

And now I'm really hurting

I can't move from the seat.

I try to phone work

To tell them I won't be in

But then the other little gift

Fibro fog starts to kick in

I'll spend all day sleeping

Then awake for all the night

My body clock is broken

It will never be alright

There are many other things

Fibro will give you

But you must always remember

You have fibro

It don't have you!!!

A book of poems would be an excellent idea.

Where would we start?

Would be great if it could be done for 12th may 2013.


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