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Anyone into trying to help themselves naturally by being careful with what they eat or drink?

Hi, is anyone experimenting with what they eat and drink to help them get better naturally rather than medication? I've been vegan for 20 years and I have recently started raw fruit and veg juicing.I have also been off my meds for around 6 weeks and determined not to return to them. Any others share similar interests?

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My friend did that and she said it worked after a few weeks. She increased her intake of what was classified as food high in anti inflammatory properties. Have a search online for them.

Blueberries, tart cherries, ginger, garlic, green tea ....cant remember any more.

The thing is these are all health foods so wether its the anti inflammotory or all the vitimans and minerals that are in them is irrelevant. If it works it works. She loves the green tea with ginger in it and she chews the ginger at the end.

I found a lovely ginger and lime tea in a local supermarket. which is very refreshing and caffiene free.

Good luck with staying off your meds.



Hi, I have been a vegatarian for 20 years now, not because of Fibro as I was diagnosed with that 6 years ago. I do try and help myself and don't have any caffine. The only medication I take is Co-proxamal and have done for many years now. Have tried the anti-inflamatory diet, but no good for fibro unfortunately. Hope you find something soothing! x


I've been trying a grain free diet for a few months now, I also use herbal teas and supplements. I eat alot of soya, I make my own soya milk and dry the okara and make it into a powder which I add to things I make, such as smoothies. I also make my own tofu and yogurt, one batch of which went wrong and made a lovely Toffutti type cream cheese, so I added herbs, garlic and seaweed to that too! I know soya is a good source of magnesium, which I'm hoping will help with my IBS AND the fibro.

I am adding extra seaweed such as nori, to miso soup, now that I've just started re-introducing rice.

I could happily live on tofu!

I'm not veggie or vegan, but moderate my meat intake.


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