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Well i am not one to hoard things anyway but the last few days i have been in the loft and in cupboards anddrawers and having a real big clear out of stuff that if i died tomorrow lol would be put in a skip anyway so if irt in the loft i dont need it had 2 trips to the local dump and my bins are now full so will have another go at it today then thats it

it is so nice as i have now made my house so i have hardlyanything to do it i used to have so many ornaments and little thing that needed dusting used to spend ages doing it but i cant now so changed the style of my house completely and also changed all my mahogany units etc and tables for oak which does not show the dust so thats brilliant i am enjoying it my daughter is heklping to do some of it but i am still worn out the end of the day

enjoy rest of weekend love diddle xxxx

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Hi Diddle, I have got to sort my loft. I thought i hadnt seen any blogs from you. Hope you dont over do it. Dont forget CAKE hunni. Chat soon. Take care. Hug & love to you. Helen xx


Oooo I love a good de-clutter diddle !

When I moved here I got rid of stuff I'd had for years from the loft , and then when I moved in I persuaded Rich to do the same.Life is so much easier without loads of " stuff " . Rich is a bit of a hoarder so a lot of his stuff went to his unit ( where he keeps his stock ) but at least it's out of my way !




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