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embarrassed to use a wheelchair?

I am just about killing myself walking anywhere due to my heart failure chronic degenerative arithtis and fibro etc. I have a power chair and a normal wheelchair but i feel so embarassed tobe sen in a chair. Did anyone else fel this way at first and how do i ove come this? i look so d,,,,,n healthy to others.

and ama fairly large person.....petal

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Hi fadedblossom,

I no exactly how your feeling, i was the same, and also for me was very hard to come to terms with, i sobbed my heart out every time i had to go out in my chair, it lasted for about 6months of tears every time, but now i wouldent and couldent be without it, i now have a powered wheelchair and it gives me so much independance back its brilliant, i have been useing a wheelchair for bout 4years now, i had no choice i pushed myself untill i desprately had no choice left. You will get used to it i promise and once you accept that you now need a wheelchair to get out an about ect you will be ok

loadsa love and gentle hugs jackie xxxxxxxx :-)


Hi faded blossom,

please dont feel that way, look on your chair as a way of making life easier for you. the freedom it gives you, the independance.

I wouldnt know what to do with out my chair and i always hire a scooter when out. Nobody looks down on me and people are generaslly helpful, holding doors open for me and they even giggle WITH me when i take the table with me in the cafe lol! if you present a positive acceptance to the chair others will pick up on your feelings and return positive responces to you. use your chair with pride hun and enjoy the mobility it brings

hugs poppy xxx


I feel like this to, its like finally accepting Im ill I know its stupid but its how I feel


hi i felt that way to and was like why are all these people staring at me looking at me as if there is no0thing wrong and that i shouldnt be in a chair i took it bad to start with but i did overcome it and although i now only use it when i need to as i push myself to walk and use my stick or crutches i also have a scooter which i love bombing about on now as people do look but i hold my head up high and just smile you will over come this feeling and realise that it gives you freedom i do drive but i am now at the stage where im having to admit to myself i need an automatic coz i am struggling and i know my chair will always be there to help me on my way when i need to use it give it a name and enjoy your freedom hun dont worry bout anyone else you have to think of you and i know it feels horrible but you will get there keep smiling hunnies xxx


Thanks for the wonderful answers I. Can't push myself so it means leaning on others immediately...... it I have a hoist In The back of my. car which is an automatic just have trouble with a. Leaving my flat as I have become a hermit and b using the chair. Such a coward I am petal


I feel like this as well, im really bad tempered cos i feel so helpless, and its horrible not being independent, i think all people should have to try a wheelchair for a day so they know how we feel LOL

Ive just been into my local town to see the olympic torch go past with my Hubby pushing me in my wheelchair , got there early and found a nice spot by the roadside so i could see it go past, then just before it went by a family came and stood right in front of me, i politely asked them to move back a little so i could see and the man said How much Fu***ing room do you want to me !! it spoiled the whole thing for me and i am really upset.I didnt see a thing ;-(

Most people are polite and hold doors for me etc but there are always some idiots that spoil it.

Rant over lol it just gets to me sometimes how inconsiderate people can be


Amanda xx


Hi. Amanda. Wot a horrid person but I believe those who hurt others will eventually get theirs the mills of god turn exceedingly slow. Utter the grind exceedingly fine petal


to true, Ive never wished anyone ill, but some people take the piddle, to be in a wheelchair is bad enough, but to be treated badly


Hi Fadedblossom.

I don't use a chair myself although I have used one in the past, especially on holiday as it reduced the sight-seeing restrictions for ALL of us! And I DID feel embarrassed, especially when I wanted to get out and walk a while, and then get back in. But I focussed on the benefits, rather than the (imagined) reactions of other people.

However, I used to work with a lady who had MS, and when she finally got so bad she had to use a scooter round town, she added all kinds of things to it. You can get sparkly ribbon streamers that are designed for the handlebars of children's bikes - she had those (don't know how she attached them) she also added a bulb-horn, and various other sparkly and gagdety type things, so it became more attractive and more fun. I think it's a nice way to make the best of the situation. Maybe you could personalise your own chair in some way? Most of all, remember that you are being kind to yourself by using it!



Hi all,

When I first used my wheelchair I was the same. I was frightened and embarassed. I was so ashamed and wondered what everyone would think when they saw me. I was more worried about friends and strangers. I got a few stares, still do, but I realised that my wheelchair (affectionally called Wendy) is like pain relief for me. My family and my friends have been great. I use it now for times when I know I'm not going to be able to get there with my walker. I've used it to go to church and I was worried what they would say, but everyone has been brilliant and accepted that my wheelchair is needed by me to still live and enjoy my life. I can't go out anywhere long distance town center ect without using my wheelchair now, it's just part of me. I do hate when people stare at me, but that's their problem, not mine. It takes a bit of getting used to at first, for me it was something I never thought would happen.

Just take each day as it comes and if you need to use your wheelchair, then use it. It's pain relief at the end of the day, you gedt relief when sitting in it and it does help,but yes I agree it is a big thing. You have to accept that there are times when you will need it. So take a deep breath and use it. Don't be worried about people staring, that's their problem not yours.

Take care and big gentle hugs, much love xxxxxxx


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