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Hi everyone, hope your all feeling ok today.

I went for an appointment this week arranged via my occupational therapist and wheelchair services through my local councill, i have been measured up and am getting my new wheelchair soon, however the lady told me to look after it as they wont be giving any more free wheelchairs out after July.

Im not sure if this applies to all local government departments or just mine which is Rochdale.

Apparently the only people who will get a free wheelchair after July will be severely disabled people who use them all the time.

So if you feel you will be needing a wheelchair it might be that you need to apply very soon or buy your own ?

Just wanted to let you all know, i think its disgusting with all the cut backs this government are making ! it makes me really annoyed.

Hope this helps some of you who are nearing the time when you will need a wheelchair.

Amanda xxxx

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had mine a few weeks back mine was free, good suggestion to hurry and get one now


Hi ...when i needed one in 2007DR said it will make u worse u must keep trying to carry on . Ended up bed bound, then wheelchair then rehab onto crutches.

Makes me wonder whether if i had one when i asked I might not have been so ill ..... I never go one on loan either after being bedbound...had to buy one!! so not right :(


hi Amanda, your'e right it is disgusting!, luckily I had mine last year, but am needimg an adapted electric one if the wheelchair service agrees that is!

I know of a family whose daughter has cebral paulsy and can't get an electric chair even though she can't do anything for herself and needs a chair all the time.

I know the country needs to make savings as you say but I think the cuts are being made in the wrong area's.

we're damned if we do, damned if we don't iin our cases we're damned because we can't!!!

hugs poppy xx


I wonder if this latest action might be related in some way to the introduction of PIP - maybe they think there will be a surge in demand for wheelchairs & can line their pockets on the back of it!

As the criteria stand at the moment, when the PIP comes in to replace DLA, it looks as though unless you are in a wheelchair near enough full time you are unlikely to get enhanced rate & therefore not be able to use Motability.

Claimants need at least 12 points for the enhanced rate & the only criteria to score at least that for mobility are if you:

cannot move up to 50 metres, except by using a wheelchair you propel yourself, you meet descriptor E. or

cannot move up to 50 metres, except by using a wheelchair that is pushed by another person, or using a motor, you meet descriptor F. or

cannot move around at all you meet descriptor G.


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