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I have done absolutely nothing today apart from a bit of tidying......

I tided a bag of Wotsits, some teabags, Terrys Orange, Tolberone and some wine. All stuff that was lying around and needed tidying away half used. This has left me exhausted and achey so I'm going to go to bed and pretend to sleep.

Who said doing nothing was relaxing? it's hard work, you even have to struggle to get up and go to the loo unless you like sitting in a damp patch. I suppose I could always have blamed in on my hotwater bottle and said it had burst!

I hope you all manage to get some sleep, if not see you at 4am when we all seem to rise xx

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Hey glochessum,

I don't even have to tidy anything away - for some reason I ache and hurt all over as though I have the flu only more-so. My left side from head to toe is worse than the right. And if I breathe in my chest hurts so much. I've been a right old cry baby - Am away to bed in a bit an just hope and pray if i fall asleep - and stay asleep - anywhere between 4 and 5.30 is my usual wide awake time. Maybe if I do sleep in - I'll feel better all round.

I do hope you manage to get a decent rest and sleep tonight.

Gentle hugs,


Carol xx


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