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Well just been to see my parents for coffee then went andmet my daughter for her lunch break and then had my hair washed cut and dried so all posh again now lol and check this out my hairdresser said your colour looks lovely really siuts you and it so even all over your head (think she was hinting t i had had it done t anotjer salon lol) she could not believe it when i tpold her i done it myself as cant afford to have it coloured at shop and it was from poundland !!! she was really impressed so off you all go down to poundland and get ya hair dye out .

love diddle xxx

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Hi Diddle,

I too colour my own hair and it costs me £1.89 for "Natural Light Blonde" - a 10 minute process which I just comb onto my roots and through my hair so it gives a streaky effect and it has the most lush conditioner too.

I also go to our local "Barbers" who trims my bob for me every 4 weeks for £4....and it looks so professional as though I've spent at least the £65 I used to be able to spend....

Needs must but I'm happier with my results than I ever was when spending all that money at a salon.

Take care Diddle, love reading your blogs...

Hugs Ren Rob xxx


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