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I dont believe it!!

A few weeks ago I won my re consideration to be placed into the support group from the wrag group, great I thought no more stress for at least a yr from the job centre as that is what they told me.

Now a matter of wks later I get a capability for work questionnaire this morning in the post, what is this all about! So I now fill this in go for q medical and then they say oh we are putting you in the wrag group, is it me or does anyone else think they ar just being under handed?? I feel they just said to them selves that we will put her in the support group but then send her another form straight away an then put her back in the wrag group.

I am sick of all the stress that they are putting people under when its the last thing we need, arggggggggg sorry I just feel so angry and mad with them at the moment. I wish I could win the lottery and then tell them to stick it up their a*** as i wouldn't need to claim any ESA.

Im so sorry for the rant, but I really can't believe I have this form now to fill in so soon. Hilly xx

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Hi Hilly,I don`t blame you for your rant.But maybe pleading ignorance and a phone call saying you think they have made a mistake is the way to go.

Tell them you you won your reconcideration,and think they have sent you this form by mistake.

You never know hun they are such a bunch of idiots,that the right hand doesn`t know what the left is doing.

Love and hugs Butterfly54xxxx


Funny you should say give them a ring Butterfly54, I tried to ring them today and after going through press 1 for this and 2 for that for 5 mins ,I was on hold for 31 mins and 27 seconds and I still never got to speak to anyone as i got fed up of holding on!!!

Will try again tomorrow, please cross your fingers for me lol Hilly xx


, they are always making mistakes,do you have written evidence saying you were put in the support group after a re consideration? if you do have proof of that, what i would do is photo copy it and staple it onto the front of the questionnaire and send it back saying there seems to have been a mix up as you can see i have been put in the support group ,pop it all in the envelope and post it,if poss it is always best to get written stuff, if you phone them , they lie and say they never got a call, that happened to me once, ALWAYS GO BY WRITTEN EVIDENCE!!, post it back and see what happens


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