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Leg is killing me

Hi all had an appointment to get my cast off broken ankle and xray. Not recieved news I was hoping for, bone still not healed, fracture still there so have put me in a boot that I can take off and on, but the pain tonight is really bad, got to try to gradually put weight on it for the next 6 weeks, then to go back if still not healing then will need operation. Really frustrated with it all now, have my graduation on 13th July and worried will not be able to walk up onto stage. Just wish they would operate now, orignally said it needed operated on at start, then changed mind, maybe then the proper healing would start. Has any one else experienced delay in the healing process of any fractures ? Sorry only things can turn a corner now just fed up with what life is throwing at me this last 9 month. On a positve note, at least I got the full support of work and letting me work in office instead of on the unit with the young people, just so thankful to be back at work, at least I will not become bored, just so hate not being my independent self, needing to rely on everyone to transport me about, hope everyone else is having a good day and feeling for all you that are not love you all Vi x

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hi ,i know how u feeling lol ,broke my ankle the tiba and fibia ,plus mucial damage and ligiment damage to back in october , got 2 screws in 1 side and plait with 12 screws .i could not put weight on for 7 weeks .had to sleep down stairs ,got a camode of soical services when left hospital the 3 weeks i was in ,

iv done pysio but iv got detration of my left knee now and arthrities of hips .

got a walking stick to help me with walking ,but sliped on boarding so i darnt go out when raining ,im scared of falling ,it hit my confidance now , .

the pins pull like hell and ankle still swollen after all this time , on a good note on waiting list to get them removed but got to put foot up for 3 weeks after op .

i m just manging stairs but hurts like hell .

im glad u can go to work still ,i get board as cant work due to other health problems to , as well as fibro .

hope you mange to get the pain under controll soon

all the best xx


Thanks Tinklebell, had plaster on for 7 weeks, done break on 2nd May, had leg raised for last 7 week and just told today that can start to put some weight on it, When I first saw register was going to operate due to type of break as I have 2 in fibula and one is a diagonal break, it is this one that is not healing, but consultant said to put in pot first and see what happens. I too have fibro and also polymyglia rhemuatica but some how manage to push self, sometimes too much, I just need to learn to pace myself when at work. Good that have full support from senior management, even got a thank you from her for still coming in when clearly in pain, she keeps reminding me not to do too much and will catch up with me every couple of days to make sure that I am managing, just so thankful at least still able to do my work. Only working about 15 hrs and still getting paid for 30, until things improve. Love and Hugs xxx


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