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I used to be able to access blogs and questions I'd participated in by going to my profile . I can no longer do this and I lose track of conversations when they go off the page . I'm also having problems with the site being really slow to load pages, despite clearing my cache . Anyone else having problems ? And why have things been changed so I can't access older questions or blogs ? The archive button won't work for me either .

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Meant to say, I can still see my own blogs and questions but not those I've responded to that weren't started by me .


I struggle to tell what blogs I am participating and only get an email if someone directly comments on my comment, very annoying. if I go on my profile but clicking on the name that appears here then it sometimes comes up with stuff but I guess you mean that are gone.


I wish you could subsribe to a post like on some forums so you are informed when someone posts on that


I know HU changed the Profile format a little while ago. I'll point out that this means members can't now see their recent activity by going to their own Profile.

As paradise said, if you look yourself up in the Directory, you can see your recent activity.

We're aware that there are some real limitations to the platform at the moment, but HU are working to improve things gradually.


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