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something new!!

Got myself a new symptom...the most chronic lower back ache. Wow it hurts so bad, it easies a little when I'm walking around but when I sit down it's terrible.

Think I need to go back to GP for meds increase or to make sure it's nothing else. Trouble is Fibro is blamed for everything!

Heres to a better nights sleep- hopefully

Jax xx

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I'm the opposite - My back hurts when I'm walking or standing or doing jobs. I do tend to take 1 tramadol at bedtime to help me to get some sleep until I see a consultant in a couple of days and hopefully get some decent treatment.

Hope you get a good nights sleep :)


Hi i too have a chronic lower back pain i lifted a 2 litre drum o anti freeze whist working from the back of a van which means i cannot walk/sit/stand/lay fo very long along with that after 3 years of pain and all the usual treatments and physio none of which worked they decided to give me an x ray and it was found i had a curvature to the left on my spine but as i had NEVER had a problem with my back since i was born over 44 years they didnt know if i was born with it or it was caused by the accident but coupled with fibro it is not nice lol so i do sympathise with you . hoe you get it all sorted and get the right meds love diddle xxx


That's how my fibro was diagnosed 15 yrs ago I hurt my back so all the normal meds for years but 2 years ago was given epibural pain relief for it but all other pain still there so fibro began on patches pregabalin duloxotine now pain still bad at moment its back heels and ankles

Well hey ho keep going

Karen xx


I also have chronic lower back pain and had it treated with accupuncture which made it worse, after the first session I couldn't work for 2 days, when I went back to see my physio I explained about the trouble I had had after the accupuncture session and she refferred ne for an mri scan which I'm having today, hoping it shows something as the pain is really bad and you feel such a fraud when there's nothing shown on the scan.

If its fibro I hope it doesn't get this bad anywhere else in my body.



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