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i tjoght i would start to de cluter my cuboard and my loft today oh dear what started out at 9.30 am just for an hour ended up with a trip o the dump under my bed /daughters bed /spare bed /under the stair cubors nin the shed i am now done in but i had to finish it as no one else here to do it lol daughter at work and so i had to do it she will go nits when she sees what i have done it has really messed me up it so annoying as a few years ago i coulsdd do that all day long day in day out but not now oh how i wish i could do what i used to and not pay fpor it . iam now sitting on my bed doing this and now going to read so wont be on here any more todayi hopeyou all have the lovely weather we havbe got here today it is actually summer yay . it is HOT HOT HOT oh well enjoy your evening love to you all diddle x

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hi diddle I know what you mean it is sad when you look back and think what you used to do and what we are able to do now good job we have this site to come on to hope you are feeling better after your rest take care love beth x


oh diddle you have been busy. i suppose your to tired to come and do my loft lol. As you and beth said its so annoying when you think back to what we used to do. I do hope you have a good rest this evening and tomorrow. take care and soft hugs xx


Well done Liddle, now take it easy x We started clearing our loft the other day, although a lot of it went to the tip, the rest has stayed in our bedroom and it now looks like steptoes yard. lol


Diddle know what you mean, you start something and then half way through you realise you shouldn't have started it. I did that the other day, sick of asking my husband to but the small fountain together. Carried 8 bricks (JUST TWO AT A TIME) and put the barrel on to them; had to find all the wiring which was in amongst the shrubs, then move plants in pots and lastly put the motor in and fill the barrel with water. Didnt stop there had to brush dirt up from around the house,which has just been painted and left in a mess. Was on my knees at 4.p.m. so in for Deal or No Deal. How I did it I dont't know, the pain while I was doing it was beyoned description ,and my leg swollen with lymohodeama,but I kept going. Today 2 days later, its 2.45 and I've not long got up - now I wonder why!! After all, I'm only 75 - should be able to manage at my age. haha.

See Diddle we,re all the same. Wont be told. Think we know best. Anyway it,s done now. And do'you know what, my husband didn't even notice when he came in. Typical.


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