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I popped to my mum and da s yesterday and it was such a lovely day really unny and hot they were sitting in the garden hving a coffeee so i joined them then mum went and got her home made gingercake and well how could i ay no it would have been rude not oo lol it was lovely i have not had any cake for bit as been having friut being healthy lol not

it was so nice though .

well easy day for me today my whole body is aching going to have to go in min as my arms are really hurting love to you all and will pop on later love diddle x

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Wow Ginger cake nice :-) yes please having a rough time to here hope you improve diddle soft hugs ))))) Allan x


hi diddle , any chace we can have a recipe on here for your mums cake? maybe we can alter the bad ingredients for good ones, or just have some now and then for a treat, but it does sound lovely.


Ginger cake, bananas and custard make a lovely sweet dish yum lol


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