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hi,am currently at home with the worst flare up i have ever had,have never had time off work before,have struggled through despiite the pain and am now worried this is a sign of things to come.The only positive is this time i am so bad my gp has finally listened to me and admitted at last that it is 'probably likely to be fibro' and although i have to have sleep apnea tests to rule that out,he is referring me to a rhuematologist and has taken bloods from me at the height of my flare up.Have such pain in my head this time i could scream,but resting my legs instead of being on them all day is helping a little.I am so tired i am sleeping hours and hours,my house is a tip i just cant bend down as it hurts.My 30 yearold son got me some groceries today came back with cooking apples instead of eating,a £5 cooked chicken instead of cheap sliced cuts for the cat (usually about £2) and a 6 pint milk instead of 1 (dont hardly use any he just fancied cereal) didnt have the energy to moan but him and hubby are useless without me.Washing and ironing needs doing but i have no energy.Gentle hugs to all fellow sufferers,how i could do with a hug right now xx

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sending you e-hugs Myagi. try not to fret about the housework. fellas don't notice the things that we do, but it would be good if they did their fair share around the place. as for the food, just go with the flow - freeze what you don't need immediately, milk included! try doing the apples in a little water with some honey and cinammon. it will make a change :-D

I know how feel about sleeping to get through. I've just had 3 days of sleeping the mornings away in a drug haze, one of them because of migraine. It never bloody ends!

just do what you need to in order to get by and leave the rest til another time. the world won't end cos your ironing etc hasn't been done and if the fellas want summat to wear, they know where the ironing board is :-)


hi myagi, i feel for you, all you can do is rest this flare up out. try not to worry about your house etc its not worth it and I a pretty sure your hubby and son are more than capable to sort things out with a few simple pointers from you.

I did the shopping for my frozen foods via telephone with my hubby. i know the stock they carry and pretty much where things are ifd they havn't moved it around too much, and i 'walk/talk' him through the list of foods needed and if no car can book a delivery. you can also do shpping on line now and its so easyand they deliver. if you put in the info that you need help unloading your food the guys will un pak your shopping for you in the house theey are lovely guys.

you can also write very explicit note for items you want and sit them down and go through the list with them and show the packages of the food items you need.

you will be surprised at how good they get once they are taught how to do things lol!

all the best , hugs poppy xx


oops shopping on line not shipping lol xx


thanyou al li work in a supermarket and my fogged up brain didnt even consider online shopping-duh.Hubby as useless as son,but i physically cant do it this time so they will just have to get on with it this week.thanks for listening,makes a huge difference,going back to my bed now xxx


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