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Absolutely Knackered and Shattered

I'm only a week into a three week (minus 2 days) child minding stint for my brother and I'm totally wrecked. Even with my Mum and I sharing the responsibility I am now totally cream crackered. But then so is she. We were both fighting to keep our eyes open from just after 7 last night. Crawled up the staircase to bed early, around 11.30pm and can't remember getting into bed let alone dropping off to sleep. Woke up before 8am in agony, I hadn't had the time to get in the 'best' position not to put too much pressure on my joints/body to help limit the degree of agonizing pain I wake up with. So my spine and hips woke me due to the excruciating pain radiating from them this morning. Yuck!!

I have the rest of this week and Mon through Thursday next week to look after my youngest nephew in the mornings, take him to pre-school at 1pm and do any school pick ups when required like last night.

My sister-in-law is dropping the eldest and youngest off after school, so no school run this afternoon, while she takes the middle one to see about the piano lessons he is hoping to be signed up for. Then whoever is able to pick up the other two will drop by for them.

The damp weather coming over isn't helping. Double Yuck!!

Well, my eyes are crossing so I'll finish before I make too many many possible mistakes by accident while writing this. It's happening a lot to me recently, damp fibro fog and all fibro cognitive problems.

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Soft hugs xxx


Its awful isnt it.

I love having my grandchildren bt now i cant have them all together unless necessary like recently. I cant sleep, rest, etc, and it takes me weeks to get back to coping.

Fibro takes away so much from us.

I hope you find the energy from somewhere so you can enjoy your nephew.




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