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Well MRI Brain Results in!

Finally!! Got the results but i have no emotion :-/ Good News!

Clear which is good on fact no tumours or anything, but it does not answer my problems still did anyone else feel the same. Still in limbo even though Dr's on line with Fibro so atleast i know now what it will be when i visit surgery.

Just where do i go from here?? I know i on waiting list for Brain specialist with being messed up but you think after yrs and yeas and billions patients over lifetime there be something more definate. So fibro here it is and guess just going to accept it. I guess i was hoping for something that would be treated and get back to normal xxxxxhugys

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mine were normal, but ive been told normal doesnt mean clear Im seeing a neuro next month


Hi fairycazzie,I think I understand where you are coming from.

Good news nothing drastic wrong,but it`s so understandable that, you want it to be, it`s this that or the other and, this is how we are going to cure you.

One day they have to find something to help us,but I really wonder just how much money is chucked at it to find that elusive cure.

Love and hugs Butterfly54xxxxx


lally and butterfly 54 ohhh i feel like i have no smile tonite is that bad??? it mays seem stupid and pathetic. I have no idea what will be next now except i know i am on waiting list to see a Top Brain specialist in leeds called Steve kemp? anyone know him i have looked on line but not that much info. feel in limbo as i want to expand my business !! The Neurologist i seen Dr Bamford said 'no reason you cannot expand'!! errrm like how because i physically am unable like i used to and who knows what my brain will do next to me lol ...

i was doing pretty well to my 2nd year and now i have cut a lot down and hardly do much but chauffeur, quotes and check work and odd bit of pottering around and it tires me so quickly and drains what energies i have.. not normal!!! :-( I love my work so much i am hard working and dedicated! .

Thankyou so much for your replies it really really helps. I know there are many sufferes and the lady who i went to today works in A&E and said to me ' itake my hat off to you as you have not thrown in the towel you are positive and not giving in.. no i will not!!! i will go until i am unable in bed or i cannot get out of the house. I will not be DEFEATED ..well not yet lol xxx xxx thankyou thankyou for your ears and soft cloudy cuddles to you for reading and hope you are not feeling too bad xx


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