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Good Support on Return to work

I have just asked if I can return to work and agreed with my boss to come off sick at moment and go in and do some office duties to help out at work, as 3 seniors off at moment. By being active to what extent I can be, is managing to keep my mind off my pain, I returned last Thursday and only need to do 2 x 5hr shifts when no kids on unit and will still recieve my full wage for 30 hours. This will be reviewed on 9th July, by GP and work to see how I am managing, as it will be long time before able to return to normal duties on the unit with kids with challenging behaviours. Going in Tuesday and Wednesday this week. I still have my leg in plaster but hope to get it off this Thursday, told I will get a ? boot plaster on? when they take this one off, unsure what this will look like, but no way could I sit at home for another 6 week minimum to be able to walk properly on ankle, but no option with injury so needing to be more foused on what I want in my life. I am lucky that I have such good employers whom support me 100% when off sick, with full wage. I just wish all of you had the same support as I do as it means a lot and helps build up your self esteem and confidence in being able to keep my job. Senior management came into see me last Thursday and thanked me for being back, and asked me to take it easy, ensuring I move about plenty, said if at anytime finding it difficult just to let them know, I feel so appreciated at work and love every minute of my work, and know that I will always be supported.

I would just like to thank you all on here for supporting me through the last 7 months as my health since Oct 31st hasn't been good. Listening to my moans. I know I am lucky to still be able to work and have everyones support I just wish that everyone got the same support from their employers and felt appreciated as much as I do at work. Love and Hugs to u all wish one day we could maybe meet up for a day to thank you all personally xxx Violet

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Thats so good to hear xx


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