Seen a new specialist today, told me to stop taking pain killers because they are not working so there is no point in me taking them which fair enough, refered me to a women gp to talk about my depression and told me to hve no caffine because I dont rest enough while im sleeping. So normally im constantly tired tiday after no caffine at all Im wide awake, cant even get to sleep, got a banging headache, my hips and back are killing me and I cant do nothing about it. Sat watching my bf knocking zzzzzds out :/ so jelous of him!

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  • I was the same my specialist told me to stop my tablets as well

    My GP said that's ok for him to say he is not the one in pain

    I tryed but on the 4 th day I started to take them again I know

    They are not magic to take all My pain away but they do make a difference

    I think on a good they make it a bit more comfortable

    Every one knows there own body. I used to hate taking drugs but life is to short to suffer all this pain ,some days I would make a great rattle.

    Let's hoping your new doctor is good xo

  • hi mrs otter you do what you feel is right for you..take them dont,take them...its up to you and as for your bf knocking out zzzzzzzzd`s i have 3 cats that do the same lol,lv and fluffy hugs fm me xx

  • He is awake now and I just want to pain not be as bad as it so anything my specialist tells me I will try but I dont really think it is going to do much though but we shall see xx

  • Yeah I hate the fact im 18 and more or less live off pain killers but if not taking them makes it worse I will definatly be taking them again. Just a trail run x

  • I usually drink alot of tea and diet coke but no he didnt tell me to stop gradually just told me to stop having it x

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