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Does any1 else have cataracts?

Just asking as I'd cataract op just over year ago at age of 44. I regularly attend my opticians and 2yrs ago was told I'd perfect vision yet within 3mths I was experiencing severe problems with my left eye. I was told I'd cataract growing at rate they had never seen b4. Apartently most take between 5-10yrs to develop. They told me it was yet another complication associated with fibro. I had op bout 6mths after it was 1st diagnosed. I now have 1 in my right eye (thankfully not developing as fast yet). I've never heard of it b4 so just wanted 2 ask if any1 else suffered.

It was funny though, I used 2 bring my mum along 2 my apps and even though I was 1 sitting in front of them they still spoke over my head 2 my mum....lol

Goodnite all and may we all sleep 2nite at least 4 few hrs good sleep xx

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hi I had ops on both eyes to remove cataracts two years ago and now am as blind as a bat left eye is worse.but my hearing was going as well.specl has refferred me to nuero guy as it is nuero damage.and says to wait for eye test before going it does not sound good but hey each dya the sun goes down and each day the sun comes up new day new challange... we will survive just because we can. butterfly hugs petal.


I haven't had cataracts yet!! But my eye sight has steadily deteriorated over the last 5 years or so. I had near perfect vision, then went very long sighted and now can't see barely anything with out my glasses or contacts. It does seem to be a recuring theme. So I guess another thing to add to the list of 'ailments'. No wonder people think we are hypochondriacs(???). I was begining to despair until I finally had a name that lumped them altogether.At least I KNOW that I'm not going mad. And, yes there is always someone worse than me!! So I am thankful everyday. Best wishes Sue.


I started off with glaucoma a few years ago. To combat the blindness brought on my glaucoma I had two shunts put one in each eye. It is called a Trabeculectomy. I was told cataracts would form very quickly after the operations. I had a cataract operation in the left eye 6 months ago and I have recently been told the cataract removal has had no effect at all because the lack of vision was due to glaucoma after all. I now have a cataract on the other eye but they do not propose to do anything about it as it will be as unsuccessful as the one I had 6 months ago.

To make matters worse I am profoundly deaf and rely on lip reading so my confidence has taken a nose-dive now, I can barely see and I cannot hear.

These problems are very minor though as I have already undergone 16 operations associated with osteoarthritis and scoliosis.

Life is a challenge but we can either accept it and do nothing or try to learn new skills even as we get older.

Take care - Velda.


I had two cataract operations on separate eyes, two years ago, I was told by my opitician who was monitoring them, that he had never in his life seen cataracts to advance so quickly, in his life, and asked if I had an underlying health problem, my dentist asked me two years ago too if I had something wrong with me/ a condition, because she did'nt like the state of my tongue, so after first getting my virus last March, and been so ill with it, I attended her as soon as I could and reminded her what she asked me and told her of my illness, and she said but is there anything else wrong with you too?, and she knew of my diverticular disease and my asthma, she was still convinced I'd something else wrong, (my tongue looked funny and was white a lot, plus I've always been getting throat and chest infections), and anemic and low iron, so you'd think I had enough health 'problems', without her asking me about any more, maybe she meant fibromyalgia.

Gentle hugs xxx


Yes, i have a cataract in my right eye, which has got worse since the rhuemy prescribed me Plaquenil as he diagnosed Sjogren's syndrome.

My eye sight has deteriorated since taking them but I stopped em as they made me feel really ill.

Apparently they do not operate until you are almost blind.

Love and hugs from Plumcake x x x


Hi Plumcake,

I was just reading over posts to see if I could find an answer for a question and I saw your reply, I laughed when you said you had to be nearly blind to get an operation on them, I was diagnosed in winter 2009 and in January 2010 had one cataract operation done and in March the same year had the other eye done and I was actually seeing treble in the distance, would you believe it, I think my fibro was working on me for a few years, really, and the optician said last week when I was getting an eye test done that I didnt have sjogrens syndrome 'yet' when I asked him what caused dry eyes and mouth, so I wondered does he mean I Will get it?, hope not, that's supposed to be nasty enough can be but would I suppose explain my constant dry mouth and eyes, he did give me a perscription which was the same one the doctor gave me a week before, take care Claire xx


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