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6 wk Post op check yesterday

Well Hi all thought i would just let you know saw my surgeon for 6wk check up yesterday and all is well .................

He was very pleased with my progress and I don't have to go back for a year, also i found out why my right leg that is the one done 3yrs ago still swells and is as now more painful than the newly done one, he thinks I have had a small DVT in it which leaves damage behind so unfortunately doubtful it will get any better than it is now, but at least I have hope that the left one is doing significantly better in fact right ankle is twice the size and twice as painful at present mind you i have been over doing it for last 3 days so FM as usual is paying me back........... Apparently i won't know how it will settle until about 9mths after this op as it is at present doing some of the work for left side while it heals . But the up side is I can lie on my side now, drive when I feel ready to and sit on things a bit lower yehhhh............. The rule is now if it hurts don't do it the only no no now is not allowed to bend more than 90 degrees that goes on he said for at least 9 mths but hey I can sure live with that....

So plenty of rest for next few days will settle the right leg down (I hope) because at moment it is b....y painful ....... Hugs to all sue xxx

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glad you are on the mend , :) hugs to you too x


I am so pleased for you that you are feeling goog and your surgeon has gave you the nod to do things. My mother in law has just had one too and she was poorly at first bit she is doing well now. She says its so good not to be in pain now.

Take it easy though and go at your own pace.

hugs, kel xxxx


Thanks all for your comments hugs back to all sue xxx


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