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Help with prescription costs

If you're struggling to pay for your medications, check out this information:

Even if you cannot get prescriptions for free, a Prescription Prepayment Certificate will save you money if you need 4 or more items in three months or 15 or more items in 12 months.

FibroAction have been a member of the Prescription Charges Coalition (previously known as the Prescriptions Promise Campaign).

The Coalition is currently running an e-campaign to show the Government that there is support for the coalition's aims. A Government petition is being signed up and we are asking all our supporters to sign this to show the Government how important this issue is.

More information is here:


Or sign the e-petition here:

3 Replies

I was just thinking about this the other day, Im lucky I live in wales, the cost of all me meds would be beyond me,Im on 7 different types a month and due more, so how do people manage to afford that, Id just have to not take anything


i have signed petition, I already get my prescriptions free due to thyroid problems. but dread to think how much it would cost each month if I had to pay.


It currently costs £10.40 per month if you buy an annual pre-paid certificate. I've been doing this since 1997. I haven't worked for the past 18 months and if it hadn't been for my other half, there's no way I would have been able to afford it and I would certainly no longer be here due to the crippling pain.

Am part-way thru signing the petition. Am just waiting on the confirmatory email.

This is just once instance where England subsidises Wales and Scotland in a form of healthcare that we English residents cannot get.


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