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I went to a funeral, first I've been too. And I am completely exhausted, it was my boyfriends nan and I fell asleep at my mother in laws for the last 5 hours. I spent ths day looking out for his other nan, it was emotional but not over the time, i personally never got to know her well unfortunately as she had bad dementia but I know that her family loved and adored her, my aunt in law cared for her for the last twenty years. Rest in peace. Now gonna sleep for hours.

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trouble is you feel stress for other people dont you and you

feel for there upset, hope you are better now it does make

you tired.


hi lv,uv had a tiring day.many people dont understand how stress makes us did a lovely thing in going to funeral and looking after the other nana and you must of been strong for your boyfriend too.i hope you feel better in the morn..omg it is the morn 1.56 gonna try to go to bed,lv and fluffy hugs fm me :) xx


I am sorry, Funerals wipe me out, i think its all the tears and emotions just take their toll on me. I am not very good at keeping tears in at all. My body feels like i have had ten rounds with mike tyson if i have cried.

You get some rest hun and take it easy, hugs, kel xxxx


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