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FMS has been confirmed

I saw the rheumatologist and he has confirmed i do have FMS. he is going to send a letter to my doctor and myself. the one to the doctor is to suggest a few ways that might help, and the other is to send to the DLA for the tribunal. I actually feel like i'm getting somewhere.

i was hoping he would be able to tell me how to stop my ankles hurting, but i have got to wait and see the doctor.

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Hi glad you have seen the rheumatologist. Good luck with the tribunal. hug & love to you. Helen xxx


Hi its good when you get a definate diagnoses, at least it stops you thinking your going mad. Hope all goes well at tribunal. soft hugs xx


thank you both (Roxy and Scrumie). i will let yopu all know how the Tribunal goes.

soft hugs to you both


Its good to know exactly what it is you have, i always think its better to know.

Good luck with your tribunal and i hope you keep getting help. :)

hugs, kel xxxx


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