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ESA WRAG interview

i have my interview with my job advisor tormorrow and i am not looking forward to it...... so if anyone has any tips i would be very grateful.... the stress over it and over my DLA renewal has set off a flare up of the FM, the OA and of the bunion i have on my right foot... so the way i am feeling at the moment it is going to take one wrong word from this bloke and i will either get angry or just break down and cry.... keep your fingers crossed for me..... as for my DLA forms i am getting help from the local disablity forum to fill it in....

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Hi... good luck tomorrow... Just go in armed with your meds and a list of what is wrong with you and how it affects you (i had it all written down) and i took my hubby in with me...

Just tell the truth and be yourself you will be fine.... These people are only doing a job and from most of what I hear its been good stories and they are quite sympathetic...My chap is.

Try not to get angry, but crying or getting upset is ok...I have cried in front of my advisor many a time... a tear or two never goes amiss.

Let us know how you get on of luck ...xx


HI , i went last tuesday for my interview and the lady was so understanding even gave me info on support groups in area. She said she did not want to see me again till december . You will be ok its not as bad as you think . xxx


Hi, good luck for tomorrow. Let us know how it goes. xxx


interview was great.. bloke was very very understanding and told me i should appeal to be put into the support group.. i took a list of my health problems, all 22 of them and he was suprised that i had been put into the work group.. he didnt pressure me and we finshed the interview early as i was so uncomfortable.....


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