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checking in

Hi guys I have been getting rough for the last wee while, the heats a real killer it seems to swell the joints and walking is sore, but all things considered I have got away lightly. I see that depression is being talked about, as the old saying goes it's good to talk, I have had clinical depression most of my life and have found that if you have understanding friends to talk to it seems to counteract your low mood a good bit, don't feel that you have nothing to say even if you think it's silly I don't it might be all the trigger you need to clear your mind.

For those who read the last post I have an update on the Hello kitty horror story, i told my wife about my little mishap, well the other night I think it was her I hope I put hello kitty on a chair across the room and was wakened in the middle of the night with a weight on my chest, there in the dark pale face a twisted smile and beady eyes hello bloody kitty was sitting on my chest, I screamed and nearly wet myself, I swear its possessed, chucky is alive and well in my daughters hello kitty.

to all my friends hugs and good sleep tonight

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Hi Brian nice to meet you am also having trrouble have writen a blog at the top

miow naughty kitty sorry couldn't resist it, I find relaxation and meditation realy helps as relaxes muscles.

all the best



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