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DWP - have they got it wrong?

I had been in the support group for ESA for several months in fact thinking about it about 2 years. In their wisdom (I am appealling) I was moved from the support group into the work related group. As you know in May the law changed to say that you could only receive money if you are receiving contribution based ESA for 12 months if you are in the work related group.

This morning I rang the DWP... If I had only just gone into the work related group surely I should receive ESA for 12 months before they stop it... they can't take into considerating the previous 2 years if that was paid whilst in the support group can they? I'm now sitting by the phone waiting for them to ring back.

I really need this money to afford food/petrol and clothes for myself and my two sons hence I am looking at the situation from every angle.

Also the doctor who moved me to work related group saw me again 2 weeks later with regard my dla and decided I should remain in high mobility and medium care - so how does this compare with not being in the support group for ESA?? I can't even wash my own hair at the moment but they want me to work?

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I would have thought that whichever group you were put into it would still count as the overall benefit is called ESA and the only difference is in which group you are placed but I am only looking at it logically and do not have any real knowledge. I had no idea that it has been 2 years since they started the change to ESA from Incapacity Benefit. Time does flyby when you are home not well doesn't it. I hope you get it sorted out. I don't think that the DLA compares at all with the ESA because DLA is even payable if you are working because not all disabled people are in a position that they cannot work so some people are entitled to DLA to help them with the care and help and the mobility needs they have to be able to help them to go to work. I used to work as a carer and used to go and get a lady with Spina Bifida up and bathed and dressed and help her to get ready to go to work and once she was in her car off she went and worked at the Council Offices. I do hope you get your benefits sorted out though and can understand how confused it must be making you feal especially if you have been assessed by the same doctor for the two different benefits. Good luck with getting it sorted out though and do let us know how it pans out. Suzy x


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