Today, i have my appointment at Guys. have not been for some time so it will be good to see how system now works re including physio and neurology.

but additionally after a very down weekend, monday i woke feeling so positive and like my old self. thank you sue and lexi.

i have decided i may have lost my top job in advertising industry but it does not mean i have to leave my creative behind. so here is an artist work i like whom works with paper. thought you may all enjoy some fun.

Junior Fritz Jacquet is an artist who uses paper as his medium, but these face origami opuses are nothing like anything else he’s ever made. It’s amazing how he folds and crinkles the recycled material in order to produce facial features and wrinkled skin. The process no doubt took years to perfect and is truly a one of a kind way to express oneself.

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  • ps i think i could have posed for all these expressions!!! this is what tickled me.

  • These are wonderful!! Art is also my thing!

  • I love art too, do you go on paintingsilove? I'm on there, ceringriffiths. Going to college in Sept,hopefully will stay awake in class lol, doing my level 3 diploma, age 40!!!!!! with crutches,leg splints, tennis elbow and tendonitis everywhere else! A barrel of laughs I will be, (to everyone else maybe) lol.Regards & keep well, Cerin.

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