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Fibromyalgia - Blog and Acrostic Poem

I seem to be struggling now it is warmer. It's made me feel a lot more exhausted. Spent all of Thursday and yesterday in bed and would like to today but my friend is here.

My pain levels have been ok but I feel weak all over. Struggling to stand up or move in bed. Hopefully today I might feel better.

I'm sure most of you girls can agree with me, having your period makes things worse. For me its mainly being unable to tell why my stomach hurts, I couldn't tell yesterday if I needed the toilet, or it was period pain or if i felt sock. Not much fun.

Anyways, heres my kind of poem that I've written.

Fatigue and Fibrofog

Irritable bowel syndrome

Bladder weakness

Relationship difficulties

Owwww all the time and all over.

Muscle weakness

Y has this happened to us?

Anxiety and Depression

Lack of concentration

Guess what will be wrong today?

Insomnia or other sleep disorders

Allodynia and hyperalgesia

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Gentle dyslexic hugs from someone who also hates the heat xx


Me too hun heat effects me in the same way. People around you see the sun and immediately what shall we do today , I very often feel like saying hide indoors and sleep or read a book at best as it exhaust me, don't get me wrong I Love to see the sun but just to be difficult I like it not too hot and not too cold either . xx


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