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This morning, i had an appointment at my local Hospital for a MRI scan on my Head and cervical spine.

So much has happened in a week, Monday I saw the Neurologist and she said she was referring me Urgently, Wednesday I had blood tests at my Medical Centre to see if I was Deficient in B12 and folates, then today the MRI scan, a lot to happen in a week I am hurting so much after the scan but that will hopefully quieten down, I have been sat enjoying the sunshine, but went to bed at 2pm and woke at 3.45pm having managed to bring the dogs in out of the heat too.

Hope everyone has had a good day and not been in too much pain. As I am writing this I cannot help but smile, my Husband is on his way to Vietnam for work........................ I will have the bed the whole bed to myself for a week..............BLISS!!!!

Hugs x x x xx

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Hello there Soulsusie! Wow you've had a busy time of it! I hope all goes well for you with your MRI and blood tests, please let us know how you got on! :)

You made me smile when you said you would have all the bed to yourself, I think the same when my hubby goes away for work, a glorious night where I can fidget to my heart's content. Have a restful few night and take care! :) :)


do you know as i lay there last night ,i thought how lovely it would be to have the whole bed to myself ,i wish lol :)


i sleep seperate to hubby now,its bliss to be able to stretch to your most comfortable place,and also to be up in the night when you cant sleep and not disturb anyone.Our sex life is non existent anyways as its not worth the pain i get (we are both agreed to this) i can also have the room as warm or cold as i like.gentle hugs xx


we have bought a superking size bed,not very intimate i know but as we all know getting in and out of bed disturbs your partner and also makes it easier when you fidget as you dont knock the other person.


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