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brown envalope has arrived

Hi everyone quite new to here and havent been on for a while. first our son and granddaughter came for the weekend as daughter-in-law had a girlie time away. little one 18months old and a little popet but very tired after their visit. also brown envalope from DWP arrived hubby filled it out for me but i got myself in a bit of a state which did'nt help FM. well sent it off now so just wait now for app. for medical i supose. at least this sunshine and heat makes me feel a bit better. so glad this site is here everyone so friendly and helpful thanks to you all your brill. soft hugs to all xxx

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I have just had ny renewal brown envelope arrive it is so worrying I took 2 years to get mine after having a review ,then second opinion and then appeal and they gave it me till September this year and now I have to reapply like its a new claim you would think after all that that they would have give it me for longer, I got higher rate mobility but no care even though I need help with some things but I would have been happy with that if they had given it me indefinately but fingers crossed I will keep getting it My GP couldnt believe that I have to go through all that again as he backed me all the way to get it last time still good luck dont give up I am sure they turn you down nearly everytime to see if you will give up dont give them the pleasure keep fighting and very good luck xxx


hi irishlady thanks for replying it does help to know i'm not the only one going through this. i'm expecting them to turn me down i think its to do with all these goverment cuts. to be honest though we could do without the stress. hope you are having a good day and enjoying the sun. soft hugs xx


Hi scrumie, oh believe me you're not the only one to go through this wretched brown envelope jobbie....sends a shiver down my spine every time i see one. This site is a real help and comfort sometimes, just to know you're not the only one trying to cope with this condition or having stupid shambolic medicals with Atos. We can winge and moan and know folks know how we feel. All are really friendly on here and offer help and advice.

Got a letter for a medical tomorrow at 9 ....takes me 2 hours on the bus to get there so will cancel and rebook. told the lady when she phoned that i couldn't make an appt that early, see how they listen. her attitude was oh well i'll send you an appt and you can rebook, but very sharply said i can only rebook once and only 3 weeks in advance. What do we do if we're having a really bad day and can't make a long bus journey.??. they really don't give a to**

Enjoy the sun, makes me feel better and in less pain,

hugs Jan h xxxx


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