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Medication Sorted NOW FOR Diet what foods should we avoid???

Feel I am managing my fibro much better, with medication ,(feel like a junkie) i do little things round the house (small & often) changes are really helping, Tiredness now is what i have to sort i could not keep my eyes open at 5.30 last night so my daughter got the tea ready it was so bad that i just give in and went to bed i slept right through till 4.30am.

is there a list anywhere of food that you should avoid hoping this will help if i can get my hand on one please help.!!!

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Hi Sheelagh I have done alsorts of research into living with Fibro etc, and it's good to hear that you feel you have got things balanced with your meds, like you I feel as though I rattle. If you google Norah Wickerson, you may well pick up some useful tips.

Good Luck,

Hugs x x x x


hi hunny they will say the only thing we have to give up is chock and cake so hay i was on one for 4 weeks hub lost stone i put stone on so now i say f--k it


Hi, I have found that a vegan non-wheat diet works for me. If you can't go vegetarian at least give up wheat-the gluten clogs your blood circulation


Many thanks


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