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I have just been to walk my doggy up the road i had on my tracksuit black velour one and it is so hot already i could have just worn a t shirt so much nicer than yesterday woo woo may come back from london brownwer than my sister she flew out to turkey last night for a week 1 now that would be funny lol

hope it is as warm where you all are ?

the only thing to spoil it is my stupid fibro is still making me ache all over you would think the heat and warmth would make you feel better but NO well not in my case anyway

love to you all diddle xxxxx

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Hi diddle, I was so looking forwards to the hot weather thinking that I would not be in so much pain, but like you the Fibro is winning again. What false hope. Love to you to Margaret x


yeah for some reason you feel like in the heat your body should be more flexible but no does not work that way lol oh well never mind take care and enjoy the sun anyway it does make you feel better though more happythanold grey skies and rain and people seem to smile more when the sun is out love to you diddle x


I, like you, find the sun only aggravates the fibro just as the cold does. I found that by keeping the temperature indoors just in the middle of both, but not overly warm - helps keep the pain down - but not gone -I use 3 electric fans set around the rooms I use most - much easier to bear. But I do not go outside in the sun if I can avoid it - same for when it's cold outside.

Gentle hugs,

Much love,

Carol xx


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