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please dont forget the kids

while this illness takes a great toll on us , it also takes its toll of our families , I never ever dreamed Id put pressure on mine as much as I have, my younest [13] has had a young carers assessment by social services and barnardos, something I never though we d ever need, but theyve both been a great help,Im an age were I was also taught to be frightened of social service, but they have help my family greatly

Olivia will now get to meet other young carers, go out , with them , and generally have good fun

The lady for barnardos was amazing, and offered not just Olivia help but the whole family too

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Hi lally i used to work with barnardos and social services offering respite o families for children who either were disabled or needing a break and have also been a 'client' of them myself also brought up with the fear put into you of having the children taken off you, but there is so much help out there as you have discovered, which needs testimonies from families like yourselves showing the positive sides of the service. My youngest has autism and ddhd and other issues and is in a lovely boarding school which is run by NCHand a private school in wales but with out his social workers and care package i would never be able to have the 'family' life we have if they weren't putting in all their time and support and love into my sons life filling it with a secure loving home life and with them trapsing all the way to cornwall during holidays and short breakn so we can have time together.

Hugs poppy xx


i can truely say Ive only been shown empathy by everyone, they can sort everything out, they just see to the family as a whole, The lady from Barnardos as even said I can get help through young carers for the community legal team to get me DLA


It. Took perseverance but my boys were registered as young carers and itoo was scared of social services but they are amazing xx


Thats good news lally.

Will they continue to give Olivia support in the future? x


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