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walking on uneven ground


does any one else have a problem walking outside?When i am at work on a smooth floor i walk much better,but as soon as i go outside i hickey along and my leg and foot pains are ten times worse,and walking on grass is a nightmare x

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Yes me too, Its a nightmare walking outside and my feet hurt so much and on the grass i am so scared for some reason.

I feel like i look drunk while i am trying my best to walk properly.

hugs, kel xxx


Hello Myagi - I think perhaps everyone feels a little less confident walking outside as opposed to at home. At work and also at home we know the floors so well unlike outside where there are uneven paving slabs, potholes in the roads, perhaps slippery surfaces etc. Most likely the anxiety you feel is exacerbating your pain too. Walking on grass can be awkward at the best of times depending on the weather, hard grass, soft or soggy grass. If we have a fear of falling this also makes it difficult. A walking stick may help you feel more stable on unfamiliar ground, might be worth a try. Take care :) :)

thanks both,yes i have started to use a stick but feel very selfconsious as someone who is still trying to get a diagnosis so when poeple ask me why i have a stick i dont know what to say.The pains in my feet are awful,i will get random stabbing pains and cant put my foot to the ground,and have to limp,but then as quickly as they came they will dissapear .thankyou for taking the time to answer xx


My pleasure Myagi! Happy to try to help any time :) :) Don't worry about using a walking stick, if it makes you feel more steady that's all that matters. You will get used to it. When you feel a bit better you might find that you don't need it at all. I have a stick but I don't really use it these days. You can always tell people you feel safer with as stick as you feel a bit wobbly, you don't have to explain any more than that. Are you on any medications Myagi?! The reason I say this is because there are medications for the symptoms you describe. I have the same symptoms and take Methocarbamol, it's prescribed by my GP and is a muscle relaxant, it stops those shooting red hot pains and also helps the pains I get in my legs and feet. It might be worth asking about. I hope you feel better soon, take care. We are always here for you. :) :)

Hi Miyagi,

I have the same problem, I'm fine at home or anywhere indoors that is familiar to me, but if I go out I need to use a stick. The other thing I do, is to wear shoes with very springy soles, my favourites are 'Flyflots' but I'm sure there must be loads of others out there.

The answer to why are you using a stick I always give is 'to help me walk safely' and nobody has ever asked any more after that.

I agree with Libby, that you need to speak to your GP about it, because If you are taking medication for it, it needs to be reviewed as it's not working. if you're not, perhaps they should look at prescribing something to help. I take Gabapentin to help my neuropathic symptoms.

I hope you find something that helps soon

happy hugs, kate :)

Yes i have the same I seem to be able to walk on carpet etc indoors but the minute I go out my feet and lower legs kill me have to keep stopping. Sometimes I think that my feet are getting better and try to go for a walk to the shops etc but only to find out that my feet/legs do not like this. However I do try to go for a twenty min walk aday just to keep active.

Hi Miyagi,

Yes I too have the same problem with walking on uneven ground, feels like my legs want to do something different to the rest of my body! Sometimes, If I have walked for too long, I get the sensation of 'splintered shins' in my lower legs, and my feet and ankles become really painful.

Keep going & stay strong!

Sharolina x

oh my goodness,i am so glad it is not just me,they are really bad today actually.I am taking Gabapentin at the moment,but it really doesnt seem to help.I am returning to doctor next week armed with all my symptoms and hopefully will get some help this time.Thanks to everyone for taking the time to reply xx

hi im sue , i am not so bad in doors , but when im out i have toppled over or turned and lost my balance, i think some of it is that you know that the ground out side is not an even surface, i fell not long agao and i just stood on a small stone,

myagi in reply to pennells

hi,thankyou for the reply,i find grass the worst thing and indoors i am usually ok unless i have sat for more than half an hour,then i seize up and struggle badly.gentle hugs xxx

Hi Myagi,

I got really worried about a month ago whilst walking my 2 dogs i felt as though my legs were going to give way, I started shaking and my legs and feet felt as thought they didn't belong to me, needless to say I am using my stick again.

Soft Hugs x x x

hi,thankyou for replying,i stumble a lot too,but what is strange is how you get chronc pain one day (for me the last two days have been extra painful) and then today i have been fine all day but got home,sat down and now seized up totally after a 2 hour sleep can hardly move i am so stiff and sore.What a life! Glad i have my stick,but still feel very self consious about it.Gentle hugs

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