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not a clue what happens here????

i had a medical with atos last july, when i was been treated for psoriatic arthritis, i was told i would be re assessed in december as to how tablets etc were working and was put in the WRAG,, in November i was told it was fibro not pa, so in december i filled in the forms again from atos, sent copy of rheumy letter and filled it in as if my worse day , never heard anything til february a letter comes from DWP saying due to a change of circumstances you are on esa indefinite, i phoned them asking about the atos and was told what i put on the forms satisfied them, in april my 12 months was up and i was transferred onto the income based esa again indefinite, My advisor at the work programme says i should of been put in the support group as i unfit for work and has had nothing through from dwp or atos about anything from my forms in december, i know we have to attend these work programmes for 2 years but what happens then if i already been given esa indefinite, no one seems to know ,, any answers anyone would be grateful xx

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Hello Jue, Whilst I am not personally clued up on benefits, appeals etc., as I am not on any benefits, if you click on the FibroAction link below it will take you to their benefit section which I hope will provide you with relevant information. Also if you look to the right >>>> at the tags, you will see an ESA tag, hopefully you might find something there as there are members' experiences of this benefit and the assessments etc. Also you might consider speaking to an advisor at the CAB (Citizen's Advice Bureau), they have a wealth of information and may be able to advise you on the next step etc. Best of luck, take care.


hi my doctor filled in the incapacity forms and the dla forms for me and i am on indefinite for esa etc and am classas disabled as i cannot walk far due to muscle and bone pain whu=ich is chronic fill in dla forms ...i am not able to work sadly and t=therefore do not do the courses.


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