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apeal apeal apeal !!!!!!

have been reading the blogs today about dla

a nice lady from DIAL filled my form in and she said that it will be refused so why put in

lady they are refusing everyone just apeal

so that is what i will do when i get my letter from then been over 6 weeks now

we are the FIBRO ARMY and we can fight if we can fight this shitty thing then we can fight them ( the paper pushers )

they are a pice of cake most of us have kids that we have to fight everyday so why not fight them to

we fight partners so fight them to we fight to get up in the morning but we do it maybe not everyday but we get up

we fight to walk but we do it so fight them

and yes i know about the dark days we all have the days that we could curl up and never get up again BUT we do we fight everyday of are lifes so one moor will not kill us we are the FIBRO ARMY

and we can fight the world as we do that already so come one lets fight these paper pushers sofy hugs to everyone rant over

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here here to that it is so true yes i will appeal if they say no to appeal though i will leave it for a year at least as cant keep dojng it DLA man said some people jus keep doinfg it like 6/7 times in a row they dont get anywher so i will wait see how my fibro goes then reaaply i think you probabaly got more of a chance that way than jus keep doing it they prob jus see oh her again numbere 6 appeal and jus gop no whwre as if you have been frefused twice thwn re appeal after a year think it may work better but i dont know just my own personal opinion on that

oh well now taking doggy up the road then getting in my summer gear lol so hope that is not an omen that the rain is on its way ,

love to youall may be back later dont know if not will be back tommorrow love to you diddle x


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