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physio first

Today I had my first visit to the physio gym. I was only in there for about twenty minutes but it was fun.

I was a bit worried about it, especially as I don't have any gym wear or proper trainers, but I wore lose jeans and t-shirt and canvas deck shoes. My pain consultant said that was fine, as long as I felt comfortable.

Well, I was introduced to Karen the physio nurse and she took me through my warm up - 2 minutes on a bike, 2 minutes on pullies and 3 minutes on the big gym ball. Then she took me through the cool down and the exercises I can do at home which involved lying down... definitely my kind of exercise!!!

Although the sessions were literally only a few minutes, I could feel the muscles in my legs and arms working and the backs of my legs feel tight now, but not uncomfortably so.

All in all it was a positive step forward and I'm going out at the weekend to buy some trainers and trousers and I'm very much looking forward to next week!

I might actually sleep well tonight too!

Take care of you xxx

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Congratulations Jane, that's wonderful news! So pleased you did so well! Well done! Any positive step forward is great to hear about and shows us all that that these things are possible, so many thanks for that! :) You did extremely well today but make sure you also get sufficient rest, don't overdo it! Pace yourself and then there is no reason why you won't do equally as well next week. What an inspiration! :) :)


well done jane,, i cant manage the massage it floors me for days.. i exercxise with out the massage xx


hope you get there soon. Take care of you xxxxxx


Thanks for the support Peeps. Not feeling too bad today, bit sore in muscles which haven't been used for a while, and a little more tired today than usual, but all in all, pretty good.

I hope that other people have the same good feeling that comes from doing something positive.

Ready to get on and start writing my next book!!


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