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being declined dla for fibro

It sickens me that people who have genuine reasons to claim dla don't get it and have to fight to get something, and people that don't need it get everything. Having my decision letter today and been refused once again makes me think what the hell. I am so close to ask to be sectioned coz I can't take anymore and I feel every door has been shut in my face.

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Oh dear Lash, you poor thing. It can be a horrendous process can't it. I am not that clued up on DLA to be honest with you but if you take a look at our tags, scroll through, there is info on DLA etc and I am sure you will find it helpful. Have you considered appealing about the decision. I have heard the CAB (Citizen's Advice Bureau) can offer help and advice on this sort of thing. I hope you are successful next time, the current system can be very unfair to the people who need help the most. We are always here for you and will try to help and advice you as best we can. Best of luck to you. :) :)


i dont know if you had help from one of the disability charities, but it is worth seeking their advice and as Libby says look on the tags. I wish you luck with your appeal and do hope your turn is next! xxxx


Hi so sorry about that but i am expecting the same letter i had my forms filled in last thurs by a man from dial but i dont hold out much hope at all about getting it so will wait foir the dreaded letter the man who done the forms was honest he said fibro is such a hard one to call he said you are bordwer line dont know which way it will go but he said if you are refused we will appeal and get your doctor to back it if they dont go to her anyway.

so will keep you postted love diddle x


In theory the diagnosis of the cause of you applying for DLA shouldn't matter as it's supposed to be awarded on how your disability affects you on a day to day basis.

It may also be worth your while, if you haven't already done so, to speak with your GP and give them a "heads up" that DWP may be contacting them - I managed to time my appointments (more by luck than judgement) when mine had just received the forms and she was able to discuss them with me before completing them.

Both my husband and I have had great support from our local CAB & would really recommend them to anyone applying for DLA or ESA.


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