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Pernicious Anaemia Society Q&A

I have been asked to highlight a social media Q&A session happening tomorrow on Pernicious Anaemia.

HammersmithHealthBooks are hosting a Q&A session on social media to raise awareness of Pernicious Anaemia and answer questions from people who may be at higher risk of having or developing PA.

Unfortunately PA is an often overlooked or misdiagnosed condition, linked to Thyroid related conditions and others with similar symptoms including Fibromyalgia. They’re giving people the opportunity to post their questions on their wall ( or Tweet @HHBooks using #PAQnA, and then check in on the morning of the 24th for response from the Pernicious Anaemia Society panel and to get involved in the conversation.

More info here

The panel is made up of:

•Martyn Hooper – Chairman and founder of the Pernicious Anaemia Society and author of Pernicious Anaemia the forgotten disease

•Dr. Hugo Minney - freelance Researcher for the NHS, assistant to Dr. Joseph Chandy and Chairman of B12 deficiency support group

•Andrea MacArthur – Sufferer of PA who was instrumental in getting the Scottish Parliament debate heard, writing the petition.

•Sarah Griffiths – Volunteer at PAS and sufferer of PA

•Ken Davis - Volunteer at PAS

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Mmmm Lindsey I can identify with all of the symptoms and had a blood test for B12 deficiency today, so what will be will be.

Hugs x x x


That's strange, nobody told me why but I was put on thiamin and folic acid. Not like me not to ask but had bigger fish to fry than a few vitamins at the time. Perhaps I should ask again x


i was told i ad b12 deficency 4 years ago :) iav injections every 3 months (which dont make a difference) i was recenty told my folate was low so my trusted doc said go to the local store and by some folate tablets there cheap enough:( but they never give reasons why i av this problem as well as numerous others ?!x


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