Ok a few weeks ago i was getting up at 5 am which was early enough now my body is deciding that 4 am soon it will be 3 and then no point going to bed which is a circle i dont want to get into!!!!!!

I am in agony now but dont want to start taking painkillers as it is about 3/4 hours too early so will try to muddle through til at least 7 am ouch ouch !!!

there is nothing on telly lol only old repeats and really cheesy music with what is going on in differents soaps and stuff

Oh well think i will have another cup of tea try to revive me lol

I hope that you all had a better night sleep

love to you all Diddle x

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  • Morning Diddle.I was up at 4.30 took a slow walk with dog at 6am lovely and warm outside.feeling tired now but the day is going to be so nice I dont want to waste it sat indoors.I have now got allergy to the sun my face goes very red & sore hate how fibro has robbed me of sitting in the sun block helps a bit & a sun hat.Hope you all enjoy the day.gentle hugs to all.Dawn.xx

  • Diddlei didnt go to bed till 4am and woke at 9 . Bad pain day xx

  • Thats ok I was awake at 3.45am this morning...yesterday it was 4am I know how you feel!!! I am shattered by 11.30am ...!!! Bev :/

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