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Well i am so used to getting up at 4 am now i may as well apply to be a milk man lol my friends husband is a milkman and he starts then so maybe worth a try lol x

I woke up after 1/2 hours sleep i had been biting down on my tongue it was so sore and my ear on my right sidewas so sore too and againmy legs had seized up i was in agony in bed my pressure points were hurting and i was in so much pain i jus got up again crawling round the bed until my legs got to work oh well happy days lol !!!!!!!

hope you all had a better night with love to you diddle xxxx

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Sorry that you are hurting again diddle good you laugh about it that' s the only way to go not let this demond get you I have had some rough nights last few days , soft hugs )))) have a better day

Allan x


Oh me too. I'm usually awake at 330am. CBT therapist told me I shouldn't get up because then I am rewarding my body for being awake! Really!? but what is the point lying there getting annoyed because I am so exhausted but sleep isn't coming. I get up, watch tv, read a mag (its got to be over 2 years since I was able to read a book), watch some more tv. Still now the days are longer and warmer, at least I can pit in the garden with my dogs instead of the same 4 walls that have been like a prison for over 2 years.


The longer I lie awake in bed the more my back and shoulders ache...and then I have to get up to move muscles around.


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