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I am back at last!!!

Hi All

Sorry for not being around for ages think I may have mentioned my darling puppy ate the keys on my laptop:-) then got back on desktop and had an awful virus that lost everything on there was weird just wiped it all, then re-bootted it and had massive problems so had to do it again, first keyboard for laptop had a key missing so had to get another one and guess what the letter L doesn't work and the first letter of my password!! Anyway have been very naughty and just got myself a tablet as my ipod is just too small to read now great for my music when I go to sleep though only came today wanted an ipad way out of my league so have a Motorola XOOM so far so good. And havent been able to get into blog as.forgot my password and being dumb took me until tonight to work it out lol.

Well will try and get back on board again need to go to bed no sleep last night, sorry if I have bored the pants of you all sleep well.

Love Ruby xxx

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glad your back :) xx


Nice to see you back, from me too. :) hugs, kel xxxx




hi and welcome back you are braver than me with all this technology lol i jus about manage my pc and laptop love to you and hope to chat more later love diddle x


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