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no hydro or 1st shower!

Well i never made it out of bed this morning never mind the hydro and have a shower there.

All my joints, face and feet were on fire and the exaustion....!

Oh well there's always another day.....

But on the plus i had hubby helping me use up the courgettes,spring onions,mushrooms,pepper,green olives, quorn mince and chorizo sausage with passata and turning it into a bolongnaise for tea aaaaaand there's enough left to blitz into a lovely sauce which I can freeze and use as a base sauce for home-made pizza bases, or even as a stir-in-sauce for pasta shapes!

and its a good way of being economical and the kiddiwinkles dont know all that yummy veg is in the sauce teeheehee! : ?)

hugs poppy xx

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Aww i am sorry you didnt make it, you were looking so forward to it.

That dinner sounds lovely, i had chips and sausage from the chippy lol. hugs, kel xxxx


mmmmm hant had that for a while i love em battered lol!

hugs poppy xx


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