OK so i am now gonna take my doggy out for 20 mins to get my legs moving they are so stiff today and in pain my knees are locked especially my left one I feel like iu have been made out of tin and left in the rain and need a good old drop of oil on my joints lol to get them moving again ha ha .lol oh well never mind will get it moving then pop to see my sister atb her beauty room for a bit then got to pop to the banka nd that is my day done today

i hope that you have all got some exciting plans for the day !!!!

love to you all DIDDLE X

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  • Hi diddle

    Sorry you had the problem this am I have had a bad eve and night head & neck pain but will not give in .

    Soft hugs )))) Allan x

  • Hello diddle

    poor us so much pain for lots of people makes you want to say

    bad bad words, maybe tomorrow they will find some thing to help

    ha ha, but we can hope.

    Hello Allen I have not spoken to you before you can cope

    with most of the pain but head and neck is just the pits

    it realy hurts hope it goes soon but it does seem to stay in

    the neck even when the pain is better if you know what I

    mean it then gets sore to the touch.

    take care and relax as much as you can both of you

    feel better soon I hope

    gentle hugs viv

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