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worst day yet :(

woke up at 11.30 today really ill so tierd i only did 3 days this week at work and it has made me so ill my neck felt like my head was too heavy and i could actually feel my brain stem acheing! my whole body is rinsed out! i have never felt this bad so far and have been in bed sleeping on and off all day! yuk to this but on a good note i get my puppy chiuaua tea cup tommorow cant wait xxx

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Aww fairytails, i understand what you are saying about your neck. I always have to sit there with my arm holding my head up as my neck just is too achey and weak to hold it up.

Hope you start to feel better soon.

hugs, kel xxxx


thankyou so much ive never felt this bad ! i hope youve had a lovely weekend and thankyou for the care hugs back alexandra xx



I know how you feel I only work 3 days as well, just had a week

off work, and went back yesterday, I work as a nurse in a prison

the shift was not bad not to busy.

came home bad tempered dont know why poor husband, but today

I feel like you do tearful painful, what a life cant even do a 7 hour


Wish I had a iittle puppy to look forward to do they make nice pets

do they make lots of noise, small dogs tend to bark, I dont know

much about that dog but they do look cute hope he is easy to train

for you still they would not leave much mess would they being so

tiny lucky you.

hope you feeel better soon

gentle hugs viv


thanks viv you being a nurse kind of makes me feel better ! i mean with this you dont feel like your believed half the time! ( does that make sense???) i am feeling alot better today although washed right out like ive done a marathon and then partyied all night afterwards!! its so ridiculous! im looking forward to her yes even though my cat wont be impressed! she knows even now that somethings going on!! i do believe animals are so important and especially for ill peeps they are magical! i hope anyway that you have a good day instead of bad sweetpea its not nice i know especially when you sound like me and dont except resting easily! maybe hint to your hubby for a teeny dog!!;) have a good day and have a cry its somestimes makes people know that your serious with the way you feel many hugs alexandra xx


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