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think i am going maaad !!

Had to laugh at myself today cause i have struggled to tidy the house, keep on saying my mantra its only pain.

But you know why am tidying because my daughterinlaw is coming to do my housework tomorrow to help me out. she is an amazing cleaner, and i am trying to make the house tidy for her, something wrong here. really am going mad. in anice way today cause i am having a good one sio am going to enjoy it.

Thought i would be ill today cause went out with my lovely hubby to a party mainly all his friends he has not seen for a while. He was sohappy stayed out really late but got up feeling good please carry on for at least another dayxxxx

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Haha, i would do that too. I was really ill in nov and my sister in law cleaned my bathroom for me for weeks and i still went in and sorted it before she came. She used to go mental lol.

Hugs, kel xxxx


lol Guess we over do it when we feel well and feel too embarrassed to leave things...The past 6 months have been rubbish and now have carers coming...Finding it difficult to ask for help with things I need doing...I used to be able to do the house, the garden, slowly and in stages, but not for almost a year...Feel bad when people come and the place isn't tidy...Trying to get my brain to let it go, the carers are here to help...xo


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