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thank you

thank you

for the kind words when my best friend died last week.. it was a tremendous shock ,, and i really appreciated the support ,, i stayed away for a wee while to get myself together xxx

been a busy time supporting karens kids ,, and my daughter decided to get ill with her crohns and bechets ,,,, the fibro has flared up big time ,, but itll pass ,,,

but im really happy i managed to make my grandsons cake ,, so i count this as a win week

hope everyone is having a good day x

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Hi trisha, love the cake. :)

I love baking when my hands and body lets me lol.

Sorry about your friend and your daughter not being well.

Hope you fibro flare doesnt last long.

HUgs, kel xxxx


Hello Trisha,

So sorry to hear your sad news, and then your poor daughter.

The cake looks amazing your Grandson will be so proud of you!!


Sue x x x






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