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strange coincidence?

Does anyone have family with fibro?

My brother Jim and i are 3 yrs apart. he turns 50 in June. He was just given a diagnosis of fibro, on top of his existing arthritis.

thinking about it, i wonder if our parents had fibro too. they were both diagnosed with arthritis (fibro wasn't a diagnosis 40 yrs ago)! I remember the types of pain they exhibited. So similar to mine and Jim's. They are both gone now, so we can't ask them for details. Is this a strange coincidence or has anyone heard things on the contrary?

We have a younger sister who has aches and pains. I have to admit, I'm scared for her. Not that fibro means the end, but I wouldn't want her to suffer.

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Hi charlie,

I am the only one in my family to have fibro as far as i know and i have a massive family. I have other things like thyroid problems that are in my family.

I have heard that you can be more likely to get fibro if it is in your family.

hugs, kel xxxx


Hi Charlie. I think genetics definitely plays a part. I have 4 sisters. One who has definitely got fm, i suspect 2 sisters have it and my mum has it. I also think that my 2 daughters have it as they are showing symptoms. The only good thing i can say is thqt i can have a moan to 1 of my sisters, the other 2 dont want to acknowledge That they may have it so dont like to talk about it and my mum has so much else wrong with her i dont know where to start! The sad thing is that my mum thinks its a game of scoring points. It got so bad last year that i felt that i couldnt mention that i wasnt feeling weel because my mum had to be 10 times worse with the same thing, and im not just talking fm. I had a cold and as soon as i mentioned it, my mum decided she had the worst chest infection in the world!! Bless her, i love her so much but it would be really nice to just talk to her about things

Sorry, i digress lol.

Gentle (((( hugs))))



Thanks for that. I mentioned my younger sister but I didn't mention an older sister. I think she'd give your mum a run for her money. I just don't remember reading anything about fibro running in the family. damn...oh well. keep smiling :-)


I've read about FM running in the family.

My mum has Fibro...but she's not my real mum!

It is possible my real mum did have it. She suffered with severe depression and alcoholism...and had days where she didn't get out of bed.

she's not alive now, so I can't ask.

I wouldn't be surprised if it turns out my elsdest daughter has it....or she could just be your usual teenager!!!!!


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