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what does it mean

Sorry everyone but can you help me understand the abbreviations. At the moment I am very very lucky that i work, just about.

my qiestion is i know a lot of you are struggling to get benefits whatb you deserve, i have been following all your blogs. However i feel like i am trying to break a code as i do not understand codes such as dla which i have figured but what is ela esa etc etc please help as i am going to have to go down this road soon and need to understand thankyou with love xxxx

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Hi webby,

I haven't seen you before, so a big welcome from me!

ESA is Employment Support Allowance, I don't know about ELA but I think it may be a typo!.

I would recommend that you click on the link below, that will take you to the Benefits Page of the main Fibro Action site, where you should find loads of info and links.

happy hugs



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