FM, Black eyes and glasses!!

I have been seeing a lot about eyes these last few days. The sticky gooy kind!!! I did post a reply to one. But has anyone had the same problem as I have with my glasses? The fact that wearing them, any weight/kind, gives me black eyes!I try and wear contact lenses for this very reason, but of late I have had the sticky, itchy sore eye thing that seems to be a common theme at the moment. I wondered if it was a kind of alergy? eg. Hay fever. But even taking Piriton along with everything else hasn't helped. Wonder if it is a side effect of any medication? Or just ANOTHER side effect of FM. Does anyone have any ideas? Have been told by opticians that I suffer with 'Dry Eye Syndrom', but I have never had quite this extreme problem. Also have never come across anyone else whos glasses give them balck eyes!! X

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  • sorry no ...but i really think you need to go back to your gp and check things out the one major problem with FMS is that often symptoms get lumped together we should not take it for granted ... I am wearing dark glasses at all times and have very large dark circles around my eyes what ever lol ... it may be hay feaver but please check it out .. yours with gentle dyslexic hugs

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